Awards & Exhibitions

Tobeyou, Light Grey Art Lab, 2017

Botanica, Light Grey Art Lab, 2016

Bower Bird, Light Grey Art Lab, 2015

Transformation Regional Juried Show, Morgan Paper Conservatory, 2014

Re-Synthesis, University of Michigan NCRC, 2012

Integrative Project Award, 2012

I’m an illustrator, fine artist, and explorer hailing from Cleveland, Ohio.

I work traditionally in pen & ink. I love the patterns, textures, and odd forms that compose the character of creatures and landscapes. Putting pen to paper forces me to slow down and appreciate these details. Using a dip pen, while less convenient than drawing digitally, also makes me feel like Charlotte Bronte.

I believe in interdisciplinary learning and the power of exploration to stimulate creative thinking. I love to read - as a kid, I lived vicariously through my books’ main characters until I was old enough to have adventures for myself. My ensuing travels have since informed my values and art practice.

I currently spend my days as Marketing Coordinator for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. I received my BFA in Fine Arts from the Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan with a minor in Environmental Studies. 

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